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About Us

Brand 47 Coffee Co. is owned and operated by the Graham family; Alex, Holly, and our kids Jax and Niko. Our boys both rock the extra chromosome, Down syndrome, and thats where the 47 comes from.

Brand 47 Coffee Co. was founded by the need to create a sustainable business to pass onto Jax and Niko, and the need for caffeine. As parents to children with special needs, meaningful employment, and independence as adults have always been on our minds. We thought the best way to secure this future was to create it ourselves. Why coffee? Jax has severe sleep apnea and after four years of very little sleep, coffee became our best friend. Then something happened, Jax started sleeping and coffee became something we loved vs. something we needed.

At Brand 47 Coffee Co. we provide unique and fun flavored coffee. Our coffee is all small-batch and roasted to order. We work with our green bean suppliers to find single-estate and sustainably sourced coffee. We've created flavors that are inspired by our family's personalities and taste delicious. 


Our Mission: Brand 47 Coffee Co. delivers deliciously flavored, extra-special coffee. Our goal is to keep people caffeinated while providing employment, empowerment, and education around the special abilities community. We will grow Brand 47 Coffee Co. to create financial independence for our children, while giving back to organizations who support our mission.


“To keep the world Caffeinated. To stay Special. To be Extra.” 

~ The Graham Family